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Why Training?

Every single day a forklift or aerial lift accident occurs, ranging from devastating fatalities to serious injuries, equipment and product damage or even building destruction. Simply put, in untrained hands mobile equipment can be a dangerous liability for you and your workforce. This is why forklift training is a requirement. What you need to know as an employer — the bottom line — is that operators must be trained, and trained to a specific standard.

Forklift regulations in BC come under: WorkSafeBC, OHS Section 16: Mobile Equipment “A person must not operate mobile equipment unless the person has received adequate instruction in the safe use of the equipment”.

Effective September 1 2021 training must comply with CSA Standard B335-15, and refresher training should take place very 3 years.

Aerial lift regulations in BC come under: WorkSafeBC OHS Section 13: Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms and follow CSA Standard B354.2 for scissor lifts and B354.4 for boom lifts.

In Summary:

Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees receive this training. Employers must then provide supervision and control in the workplace to ensure operators meet the standards on an ongoing basis.

Employers must exercise due diligence under general duty: “despite the absence of a specific requirement, all work must be carried out without undue risk of injury or disease to any person.”

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